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China and the Solomon Islands signed a security cooperation agreement

Laura Canali's map (source: Limes)

In mid-April 2022 China signed a security cooperation agreement with the Solomon Islands. This agreement allows China to send its military personnel to Oceania for the maintenance of social order and humanitarian assistance in the event of serious internal crisis situations upon request of the Solomon Islands. For these purposes, China will be able to carry out naval visits, logistical supplies, stopover and transition operations and increase its presence in the area, even if the agreement seems to exclude the construction of a Chinese military base.

The Solomon Islands in 2017 had already signed a security pact with Australia and in 2019 they had broken diplomatic relations with Taiwan.

The agreement between the Solomon Islands and China caused perplexity and concern of the Australian Defense Minister, Peter Dutton, the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinta Ardern and the leader of the Federated States of Micronesia, David W. Panuelo.

The Solomon Islands are located east of Papua New Guinea and northwest of Vanuatu, Fiji and Tonga. The Security Agreement therefore has a precise strategic function for China considering the recent Aukus pact and the quadrilateral security dialogue promoted by the USA.

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