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Chinese and Italian Foreign Affairs Ministers met last August 25, 2020 in Rome

Last August 25, 2020 Chinese Foreign Affairs Minister Wang Yi met Italian Foreign Affair Minister Luigi Di Maio in Rome. The Ministers confirmed their commitment to relaunch and intensify bilateral economic cooperation, both by promoting the development of joint initiatives in China and in third markets, and by removing tariff and non-tariff barriers to simplify access to the Chinese market for Italian products. The Ministers also reiterated their intention to work on identifying specific collaboration initiatives to be implemented through partnerships between Italian and Chinese companies in strategic sectors such as energy, shipbuilding and logistics. The Italian Foreign Minister said that within this year a new joint meeting of the Italian-Chinese intergovernmental committee will be held to formulate a new three-year action plan and strengthen practical cooperation to promote important collaborative projects in the framework of the “Belt and Road ". Minister Di Maio concluded by saying that Italy guarantees its active participation in the China International Import Expo (CIIE) and that it supports the strengthening of cooperation between the EU and China.

During the official meeting between the Italian Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio and the Chinese Prime Minister Wang Yi, Snam and PipeChina have signed a strategic cooperation agreement to conduct hydrogen trials and build infrastructure for natural gas.

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