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Trade between Italy and China in 2021

In 2021, bilateral trade between China and Italy reached USD 74 billion with an increase of + 34% compared to 2020, equivalent to 1.2% of the total volume of Chinese trade with the rest of the world (USD 6.051 billion). The imbalance in the trade balance persists with Italian exports to China of USD 30 billion and Chinese exports to Italy of USD 44 billion.

According to Chinese Customs data, Italy mainly exports to China machinery (USD 5.9 billion), leather products (USD 3 billion), pharmaceutical products (USD 2.5 billion) electronic products (USD 1.8 billion) and clothing (USD 1.7 billion).

The Chinese regions most active in trade with Italy are the coastal ones and in particular Guandong, Zhejiang, Jangsu, and Shandong. However, in 2021 the city of Tianjin (Hebei province) recorded the largest increase in imports (+ 63%), while the province of Heilongjiang in northeastern China and bordering Russia recorded the greatest increase in exports (+135 %).

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