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What is Silk Council?

​Silk Council promotes multilateral and open cooperation between Public Institutions, Embassies, Financial Institutions, Associations, entrepreneurs, professionals, individuals, media, academic, scientific, cultural, social and economic entities in different countries along the New Silk Road, fostering the creation of international synergies at a multidisciplinary level.

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The President of Silk Council

Avv. Lifang Dong

President of Silk Council

Founder & Managing Partner of Dong & Partners International Law Firm.

Silk Council Mission


  1. To promote multilateral and open cooperation between public and private institutions, foreign embassies, associations, entrepreneurs, professionals, academic, scientific, cultural, socio-economic entities along the New Silk Road;

  2. To create international synergies at a multidisciplinary level, fostering trustable relationships amongst our members;

  3. To share knowledge, human and professional experiences and contacts for inspiring new culture and business opportunities at international level;

  4. To connect brilliant people who can contribute positively to society, by offering its own added value.

Silk Council Values









Global vision

Win-win cooperation

                                    What We Do?

  • Conferences, seminars, workshops, business & culture forum, exclusive networking events

  • White papers, webinars and newsletters on geopolitical, socio-economic, academic, scientific, cultural, fiscal and legal actual issues

  • Organizing and support institutional, commercial, cultural and academic delegations in different countries

  • Informing on investment, commercial, industrial, academic, artistic and social opportunities and projects in various countries

  • Cooperation with Diplomatic authorities, Italian and foreign public and private institutions and associations for promoting cultural and business opportunities

Who Can Join?


 Public and private institutions 

 Foreign embassies

 Associations, foundations, ONG

 Universities and research centers

 Technological Poles and incubators







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