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Memorandum of Understanding signed between the A.S.I. Bari and the Silk Council Association

Dr. Paolo Pate, President of the Consortium for the Industrial Development Area of ​​Bari and Avv. Lifang Dong, President of the Silk Council Association, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to promote the internationalization of Italian companies and the attraction of foreign investments in the Industrial Development Area of ​​Bari.

For the pursuit of these objectives, the Memorandum of Understanding provides for the realization of joint events for the promotion and entrepreneurial training, the organization of institutional, academic, artistic and entrepreneurial missions abroad and the welcoming of foreign institutional, academic, artistic and entrepreneurial delegations, as well as the exchange of information for the creation of synergies favorable to the search for investors in industrial projects, the business matching of products and services and the development of technology transfer and internationalization projects towards foreign markets, in particular China and Asia.

The A.S.I. Bari is a consortium for the promotion and localization of production initiatives in the territory of the Metropolitan City of Bari, established in 1960, which became an Italian Public Economic Body with law 317/91 governed by Regional Law no. 2 of March 8, 2007 "Order of Consortia for Industrial Development" and its statute, which involves in its shareholder structure: the Metropolitan City of Bari, the Municipalities of Bari, Bitonto, Giovinazzo, Modugno, Molfetta, the Chamber of Commerce of Bari as public entities and the Confindustria of Bari, as a private entity,

The Silk Council Association, established in 2019, promotes multilateral and open cooperation between public institutions, embassies, banks, financial institutions, associations, entrepreneurs, professionals, media, universities and research centers, academic, scientific, cultural, social and economic entities in different countries along the New Silk road, fostering the creation of international synergies at a multidisciplinary level in view of win win cooperation. The Association also aims at sharing human and professional knowledge and experiences, inspiring a new vision of culture and business at an international level.

With the recent Memorandum of Understanding, the A.S.I. Bari intends to implement a new model of attracting investments and supporting the economic and social development of the productive fabric and of the territory, extended to the Metropolitan City of Bari, also in order to replicate the initiative on the other Areas for Industrial Development .

The Chinese market is a great opportunity for Italian companies and this memorandum of understanding intends to facilitate commercial, technological, scientific and cultural exchanges between Italy and China within the framework of the strategic partnership between the two countries, the the New Silk Road initiative to which Italy joined in 2019 and the Italy-China Year of Culture and Tourism 2022.

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1.Quotidiano di Puglia 15.1.2022

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