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Ms. Lifang Dong interviewed by the Italian American Trade Council

On July 6, 2021 Ms. Lifang Dong, President of Silk Council Association and Managing Partner of Dong & Partners international law firm was interviewed by the Italian American Trade Council.

In the interview Ms. Lifang Dong, introduced Silk Council Association that promotes international synergies at a multidisciplinary level along the New Silk Road Countries and Dong & Partners international law firm, that provides assistance to foreign investors worlwide. Both are recognized as the “bridge” between the East and the West, aiding the internationalization of excellences.

Then Ms. Dong focused on the most interesting and promising investment opportunities in Italy such as in Logistics and infrustructures, Know How & Excellence, Tourism & Culture, Green economy, R&D and innovation sectors. Made in Italy is not only Fashion, Food and Furniture, but it is also Machinery, Pharmaceuticals, High-Tech (Aerospace and Biotech).

Ms. Dong also provided some tips for those who are willing to invest in Italy. Investing in Italy could bring a lot of advantages, but it could also means facing bureaucratic, language and cultural barriers. For this reason, it is important to rely on a competent and international team to manage technical and complex issues concerning the protection of foreign investments.

Ms. Dong also referred to geopolitical and international trade aspects of the relations between Europe, China and U.S.A and stressed out the necessity to avoid barriers and cooperate together to face global challenges such as the climate change.

Today China is among the main promoters of a green and sustainable development model and the fight against climate change has become an important diplomatic channel for dialogue with both the European Union and the USA, following the opening shown by the Biden administration at the World Summit on Climate Change, hosted in Washington on April 22, 2021. Moreover the experience of the pandemic is showing us the need to rethink international cooperation in terms of multilateralism rather than bilateralism.

Thanks to the Italian American Trade Council and his President Marcel Kaminstein for the invitation and interesting interview.

Read here the blog post of the Italian American Trade Council:

Full interview

Short teaser

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