Silk Council met China Supreme People's Court

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

From November 12 until 15, 2019 Silk Council and Dong & Partners welcomed in Italy the institutional delegation of the All-China Federation of Overseas Chinese (led by Zhang Yan, Director of the Department for the protection of the rights of overseas Chinese) and of the China Supreme People's Court (led by Hu Shihao, Director of the Department for judicial reforms).

On November 12 and 13, 2019 the chinese delegation met in Milan the President of the Milan Court of Appeal (Ms. Marina Tavassi), the President of the Milan Bar Association (Avv. Vinicio Nardo), the President of the European Court of Arbitration (Avv. Mauro Rubino Sammartano), as well as the representatives of 16 Chinese community associations of Milan and the General Chinese Consulate in Milan, vice general counsel Ms. Wang Huijuan.

On November 14, 2019 the chinese delegation met in Rome the President of the Italian National Bar Council (Avv. Andrea Mascherin), the President of the Rome Bar Association (Avv. Antonino Galletti), the Coordinator of the Forensic Mediation Body (Avv. Maria Agnino), as well as various representatives of Chinese community associations of Rome and Chinese Embassy in Rome, chancelor attaché Ms. Wu Dongmei. Mr. Hu also gave his personal wishes to all young lawyers during the swearing-in ceremony in the Council Hall of Rome Bar Association at the Italian Supreme's Court.

Dialogues have also been launched for future cooperation with the Rome Bar Association and its forensic mediation body and with the Milan Bar Association and its forensic mediation body and Chamber of Arbitration.

We continue to build bridges between Italy and China!

Chinese Delegation in Milan (Video)

Chinese Delegation in Rome (Video)

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