70th Anniversary of the People's Republic of China

Updated: Apr 24

On October 1, 2019, Lifang Dong, President of Silk Council, was officially invited, for the second time, to the military parade & celebration of the 70th Anniversary of the People’ Republic of China. She was also invited to visit the Exhibition on 70th Anniversary of the Foundation of the People’s Republic of China with more than 3800 Chinese Overseas representatives of the world.

It’s amazing the economic boom in 41 years of reforms. In 2020 will be celebrated the 50th Anniversary of China Italy diplomatic relations, the 10th Anniversary of China Italy cultural exchange and the China-Italy Year of Culture and Tourism 2020. We are proud to continue to promote business and culturale exchange between China and Italy as well as China and Europe. We are honoured to have Silk Council president, Ms. Lifang Dong, participate to this important event and we thank members, friends and family for recognition and support throughout the years.

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